Flagship Five

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  • $396.00

Experience the complete Reålea Skincare ritual

(and save $71.00).

A complete set of unique alchemical offerings to provide you with everything you need to nourish your whole body from head to toe, and from the surface to the deep tissue below. The Flagship Five set includes 3 balms, 1 serum, and 1 toner:

Aurora (30ml) Beauty & Healing Balm 

Meridiem (100ml) Nourishing Body Butter

Tenebris (50ml) Soothing Balm 

Astrum (30ml) Beauty Oil 

Imber (100ml) Refreshing Face Mist 

Where Health meets Beauty, for inner and outer radiance. Everything you need to: 

  • Invite the radiant healing intelligence of nature into your body and spirit through daily ritual 
  • Provide deep and lasting nourishment from head to toe 
  • Experience the comfort and resilience of truly healthy skin, from surface to deep tissue
  • Reverse the cumulative effects of damage and stress over time
  • Achieve balance and calm by reducing the occurrence of breakouts, dryness, irritation, redness, and inflammation 


"I am totally blown away by your products. they smell, feel and look absolutely exquisite. first of all, the packaging  and the bottles exceed in elegance anything I've ever come across... I wouldn't be able to bring myself to touch plastic bottles after experiencing your products - and I hope others understand that. Well done - you really created something amazing." - Burcu T

“I love these products! I highly recommend trying the oil and all of the creams. I’ve been using each one of the products every day since my purchase and my blemishes are fading away! I love the fragrance which is very relaxing scent and most importantly I love the ‘no chemicals.’ Super happy with Realea!” - Nicole C

"I love these aromatic and soothing products! After using Tenebris and Aurora after hip surgery, my skin is now surprisingly silky and smooth. Amazingly, with the combination of nature, nurture and their signature alchemy, the scar is barely visible! I also use the tincture Astrum as a facial moisturizer for my dry skin. It has a subtle lavender fragrance. Delicious! I am 73 years old." - Laurel M

"These are THE BEST for healing, scars & burns - I am amazed & grateful." - Braden K

All of our products are entirely natural, made from whole ingredients, with zero synthetic chemicals or preservatives. In violet glass jars with durable 18k gold labels. Hand-made, numbered small batch.