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Customer Testimonials

  • "I wanted to tell you that we adore your Aurora cream...used it only once on my baby's eczema behind his ears and it was gone. I had terrible poison oak starting on my hands and feet last week and after using the Aurora it's totally gone. You're doing God's work!!"

    Elyse P

  • "I use Aurora every night before bed. It feels like a Royal Treatment. I love how smooth it is and how fragrant. Its gold color is amazing and I love how I know what each ingredient is and that they are of such high quality."

    Meredith R

  • "The facial mist immediately refreshed my spirit. It was palpable. Meridiem immediately sunk into my skin on my hands. Wow. The scent is very grounding. Visibly already improved my very dry hands. I have very sensitive psoriatic dry skin."

    Munpriya S

  • "Now after using Aurora and Meridiem for several weeks, my skin is totally healed and even hyper-pigmentation from psoriasis is totally gone."

    Munpriya S

  • "Your cream healed my cracked fingers overnight. And my skin feels so smooth."

    Jonathan A

  • "I was hesitant to try yet another skin care product. There are so many pricey products out there that promise wonderful results only to disappoint. I have crows feet and unfortunately other wrinkles around my forehead and lips. So with a bit of reluctancy but optimism, I gave Reålea's Astrum a try. With a few uses I began to notice a beautiful radiance to my skin and a reduction to my wrinkles. The product seriously knocked years off the texture and lines diminished from my skin. I’m not one who generally leaves a review but I’m especially thrilled with the results and encourage others to try another skin care product as Reålea does deliver and does not disappoint!"

    Ivy L.

  • "Aurora - love the scent, and the way the fragrance develops after exposure to skin and body heat; my face feels softer, and the dark circles under my eyes have faded; my skin tone is more even; softens lips and cuticles; and absorbs quickly without feeling oily or greasy. A small amount goes a long way."

    Popsy K

  • "These are THE BEST for healing, scars & burns ~ I am amazed & grateful."

    Braden K

  • "I love these aromatic and soothing products! After using Tenebris and Aurora after hip surgery, my skin is now surprisingly silky and smooth. Amazingly, with the combination of nature, nurture and their signature alchemy, the scar is barely visible! I also use the tincture Astrum as a facial moisturizer for my dry skin. It has a subtle lavender fragrance. Delicious! I am 73 years old."

    Laurel M

  • "Your salve is pure MAGIC! It is a sublime blend of potency, nourishment and exquisite beauty. The skin literally wants to feast on the banquet of subtle scents, texture and flavors that human longs to 'taste'. It helps remind your skin our largest organ what it is truly capable of being, feeling and looking."

    Steve S

  • "Aurora is doing really well for my face actually. It's definitely very hydrating and since using it, I haven't needed to use my other creams which is a really good sign. I usually have to put on creams several times a day due to the very dry cold and windy environment where I live at 9,000 ft in the Rocky Mountains."

    Ruth M

  • "We gave your sample to an elderly lady friend of ours who immediately felt her entire spiritual vibration lifted by the product."

    Michael Z

  • "I'm loving the REÅLEA products :) I've been using the Aurora every night on my face and the Tenebris too before sleeping and both are so magical!"

    Lindsay G

  • "Subtle, fresh, bright scent. I like the weight of Astrum for both hair and face - it soaks in and feels soft to the touch but not oily. Lighter than some face oils I've tried, not heavy or lingering. Appearance of less dry skin and hair (ends only)."

    Betsy E

  • "I used Tenebris on my chest last night, where I’ve been sore, and it feels a lot better today-thank you!"

    Hope M

  • "The products are so nice! My skin is super happy, feels very dewy and healthy. I use the Aurora balm every day, morning and night. I use the oil at night on my eyes."

    Sarah C

  • "Tenebris - applied on feet and temples at bedtime; love the fragrance, again, with the layered effect; when applied to the temples at bedtime, the camphor and lavender combine with the others to promote deep sleep; slept extremely well. Applied to an aching knee, and the Tenebris helped alleviate the pain."

    Popsy K

  • "The Tenebris scent is soothing and therapeutic; kind of woodsy with menthol. Feels like it soaks into the skin. Great with a heating pad on my lower back after sitting at my desk all day."

    Betsy E

  • "I have always suffered from dry skin and cracking skin on my finger tips, and it usually involves me wrapping them in band aids for days with moisturizers. When I used your product it healed the cracks overnight, and in the morning there was no sign of any skin damage or dryness."

    Mike K

  • "I used this skincare cream for over 6 weeks and the results are amazing. The company is based on ethical principles with regards to how the ingredients are sourced, and the jars are reusable. My skin feels hydrated and firmer, and the smile lines have faded, so I now have to smile more to bring them back."

    Gabrielle Myers

  • "Both my husband and I can highly recommend Tenebris. I was given a sample to try on my badly sprained ankle. Since I had already been laid up for two weeks, I was desperate to do anything to speed the healing process when I received a trial sample. It had a soothing quality upon applying that evening. The next morning my ankle was noticeably better and I was able to slowly resume normal activities. I believe Tenebris speeded the healing process by at least a week and maybe more. Also, my husband started using it in the evenings on an arthritic joint and also found relief."

    Martha A

Practical Laboratory

Medicinal Alchemy

The alchemical approach harnesses the vital essences inherent in Nature.

Fruits of the Elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth.

Our Formulary


The Alchemical Kingdoms of Nature: Vegetabilia, Mineralia, Animalia

Dedicated Founders

The origins of this revolutionary skincare brand are rooted in respect for Nature, Traditional Medicine, Scientifically-Proven Benefits, and the Art of Alchemy

  • "The philosophy of alchemical medicine and the healing substances produced by the application of alchemical methods offer a valuable and underutilized contribution to modern health practices. As Nick has been developing his formulations over the past several years, I have worked with his small-batch prototypes and observed profound results with them among my patients. Nick is a first-rate alchemist."

    Sarah Carnes, ND

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