The REÅLEA SKINCARE product line is currently all fragrance-forward. Their profiles have been carefully crafted from 100% natural highest-quality non-toxic safe materials with base and top notes. Intriguing, subtle and evocative. Aroma is medicine.

Our sense of smell is so incredibly powerful to the human body and can affect our mood, spark memories and even improve our cognition. It has a beautiful way of transporting us through time and place and can recall some of the best moments of your life. Smells are first processed through the olfactory bulb, which has a direct connection to two brain areas that are strongly implicated in emotion and memory. Visual, auditory and tactile information doesn’t pass through these areas. Which is why olfaction, more than any other sense, is so successful at triggering emotion and memory.

All these insights do not change the fact that science knows considerably more about the other four senses than it does about the olfactory sense. The visual sense depends on the wavelength of the light, and the auditory sense detects frequencies and amplitude. The factors that make a difference during the act of smelling are not easily discerned. This is why we refer to the other senses, when we describe a scent. A fragrance is therefore heavy or floral, or it is circumscribed by using comparisons, such as “smells of freshly mown grass”. Researchers are nevertheless certain: our olfactory sense, and what it perceives, exerts a vast influence on our daily lives – consciously and unconsciously. 

For example, certain emotions may be elicited if they are connected to a scent – a fact that has been recognized since antiquity. The Greek philosopher Aristotle knew: “Man does not perceive a fragrance without experiencing a sense of either pleasure or displeasure.”

Here at REÅLEA SKINCARE, we strive to provide you with an extremely pleasurable encounter with the aromatherapy of fragrance. Please note that currently all our products contain rich and intriguing smells. Astrum has our most subtle.

We are adding a scent-neutral line containing our signature active ingredients by summer 2022.