Our Special Manufacturing Process

Alchemical Methods and Formulations

  • All our products are handcrafted and made in small batches by our alchemist founder at our laboratory in Santa Rosa, CA.
  • We believe that your skincare products should also be FRESH.
  • Our pledge to you is that all products ordered from our online store will shipped within no more than 30-60 days of manufacturing and always kept in a dark cold-storage unit before shipping.
  • Every product will come with a signed seal indicating batch number, product number, and date of production.

We employ the sophisticated methods of spagyric alchemy to produce the highest quality ingredients for each of our products. Our use of traditional laboratory practices means that each raw material is carefully tended to ensure that our extracts contain abundant concentrations of each plant's bioactive components, minimizing the molecular damage that can be caused caused by excessive heat, light, or the harsh solvents that are widely used today but are not part of our spagyric practice. We also apply astrodynamic timing in our production process to optimally harness the influence of the subtle energies that act upon the life cycles of plants and minerals.  

Liquid gold concoction of Aurora.

Influsion of calendula flowers and sunflower oil, a component of Aurora.


Nick in the lab with Astrum.


Note: Specific results from your usage of our products are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary per person. Always consult your doctor first if in doubt.