Skincare to elevate the spirit

We offer best-in-class skincare that delights the senses and tends deeply to body, soul, and spirit.

Reålea Skincare delivers an innovative modern synthesis of traditional systems of medicine, featuring timeless super-ingredients and subtle techniques previously not utilized in the modern era.

Nothing but natural goodness 

Every single ingredient is not only good for your skin, it's good for your whole system. From the antimicrobial properties of frankincense, to the anti-inflammatory properties of .... , we bring the timeless nourishment from traditional systems of healing and ancestral wisdom from around the world. 

And, because western science always needs to rediscover the validity of traditional wisdom, here's a thorough list of modern clinical studies attesting to value of each ingredient. Read more about the science behind our ingredients here

Fragrance forward

Truly healthy natural ingredients will come with a good fragrance. The aromatherapy of exquisite energy. 

Effective rejuvenation for bodies in motion

Your skin already has a natural ability to heal the scrapes & bruises that come from living well. Our products support and encourage that natural ability. We believe that the best medicinal approach is preventive—the same skincare rituals that keep your skin radiant are the very ones that regenerate. Read more about our usage guide here. 

No toxins. No fillers. No synthetic ingredients. 

First of all, stop poisoning yourself! A lot of what goes onto your skin is absorbed into your blood. You can think of what you put on your skin as a form of what you ingest into your body. 

Currently, there are a lot of toxins that are not legally controlled. Sure, we're safe from the worst elements, but there are so many new, synthetic molecules which are clearly harmful. Or microplastics, or aluminum starch. These toxins can really bring your daily well being and resilience down in ways that are hard to trace. 

Go read our white paper on the pervasive toxins, fillers, and other garbage that comes in the majority of all skincare products today. Large corporate skincare brands are developing new synthetic molecules faster than the FDA can regulate them. Go figure out what to throw away. 

The best ingredients in the world 

Our alchemist-historian founder has assembled a palette of the most exquisite natural fragrances and ingredients in the world. Learned from healing traditions throughout the world. Rooted in European traditional medicine, and adopting heavily from Ayurvadic, Chinese, and Middle Eastern medicinal wisdom. 

You’d have to travel the world and find the masters to figure out how to get this high of quality fragrances and ingredients for your home beauty regimen.

Fragrance forward

Truly healthy natural ingredients will come with a good fragrance. The aromatherapy of exquisite energy. 

A combination that harnesses the magic of Alchemy 

Beyond just the quality of the starting ingredients, we put them together using the knowledge and methods of traditional alchemy. In order to create the most beautiful, energetically aligned, and exquisite skincare products you can find. A perfect treat super tasters, super smellers, and for connosiers with highly sensitive fragrant pallette. "Sniffers" as we like to ourselves.