Aurora, $80; Universal Beauty and Healing Balm; 30 ml (1 oz) violet glass jar with durable 18k gold ceramic label. Hand-made, numbered small batch. 

Ingredients: Sal seed butter, sea buckthorn oil, egg yolk oil, tamanu seed oil, beeswax, beeswax esters, vitamin e oil, rose floral wax, jojoba seed oil, egyptian calendula, zinc bhasma, bulgarian rose, omani frankincense, somalian myrrh, egyptian geranium, balsam of peru, royal hawaiian sandalwood, oil of gold, rosemary co2 extract, new zealand wild manuka plant, japanese yuzu.

Aurora is a radiant golden balm for the skin—a dense concentration of precious materials to promote deep tissue healing and rejuvenation. A synergistic blend of the most treasured alchemical preparations of the European spagyric tradition, including oil of egg yolk, gold, frankincense and rose, with profoundly healing substances from the Ayurvedic alchemical tradition, like sal seed butter and bhasma of zinc, Aurora is a panacea for the skin unlike any other. With a base that provides your skin with all of the building blocks it needs to regenerate and express its natural health, and suspended within it a rich blend of botanical terpenes and natural compounds made optimally bioavailable through the sophisticated methods of the alchemical art, Aurora can be used everywhere, by everyone, to keep healthy skin at its best as well as target areas that require special treatment. As a cream for the face and hands it can be used every morning and night, by working a pea-sized amount on your fingertips across your whole face and into the hands and cuticles. As a treatment for skin issues, it can be applied intensively to dry skin, rashes, burns, scars, spots, damaged cuticles, and nails.

Like all our products, Aurora is entirely natural, made from whole ingredients, with zero synthetic chemicals or preservatives.

Aurora contains clinically effective ingredients (each ingredient is defended by at least 3 research papers speaking to the efficacy of its active compounds), found almost nowhere else on the market:

Oil of Egg Yolk is alchemy’s best kept secret. The earliest records describing its extraction and application were found in the Great Library of Alexandria; in those times, it was used as a remarkable wound salve. Roman soldiers were said to use a salve of egg oil, rose tincture, and turpentine. In 1536, a surgeon in the French army reported administering the salve in times of emergency with remarkable effect. Its hemoglobin-rich lipid profile closely resembles human skin, and delivers vital nutritive support as a rich source of triglycerides, omegas-3 and -6, and antioxidants such as biotin.

Zinc Bhasma is an arduously refined Ayurvedic preparation, mixed of zinc nanoparticles and traces of select herbs, whose miraculous properties have been reported to — in some cases — effectively replace surgery.

Oil of Gold is a most delicate and refined substance, obtained from Earth’s precious metal through a closely guarded, highly technical extraction process. Metals husk great natural potencies and properties within, inaccessible to the body in its natural form. The sophisticated laboratory process crystallizes the metal, dissolves it in acid, then reacts the metal in an organic solvent — breaking open the metal to extract its therapeutic organic chemicals, and preparing them in a manner that can safely and effectively interact with the human body. In even minuscule doses, the radiant strength of gold enhances the general efficacy of everything in our products.