Why Alchemical Skincare

One of the things we mean is the historical techniques and formulations that are recorded and attested in the tradition of alchemical literature.

We’re also talking about something that is timeless that is an approach to working with matter and spirit and the relationship between them. In a modern context, we might use the phrase “quantum chemistry” to describe what we’re doing with alchemy. In which the operator plays a critical role in the matter being produced.


The products and how to use

What realea offers is multiple things: it is the best all-natural, botanical skincare available. The bulk of our ingredients are derived from fresh plants, prepared the traditional way, using techniques like fermentation, distillation, maceration, calcination. (link to ingredients page). By virtue of that aspect alone, Realea is the best botanical skincare.

In formulating the products, we’re guided by the sophisticated and elegant and ancient traditions, of the alchemical worldview and philosophy, which, when applied, using both art and technique, leads to formulae is which all ingredients are highly complimentary, there’s a synergy greater than its parts, we’re working with subtle energies through the lens of astrodynamic timing and planetary correspondence.

Whether or not this excites you or whether or not you believe this, regardless, the final product still is incredibly effective. The product does not discern in those who believe in it or not. Furthermore, for those who are already on their alchemical path, whether they conceive of it that way or not, we’re working with energy in such a way that using these products will be much more than skincare for you. Any practitioners of inner alchemy, people who work with subtle energies in their bodies and of others in the environment—these are potent esoteric tools for the practitioner. Because they are a concentrated resonance of an energy that you are working to cultivate.