Alchemy: the radiant intelligence of nature


Alchemy is the guiding framework by which we discover and produce all of our products. 

Its tenets and secrets largely forgotten during the last two centuries' industrialization of chemistry and skincare production, we are now in a time of rich revitalization. Techniques capable of rich vibrational energies already present in nature. 

Poetic, central alchemy definition. 

What is Alchemy as we use it? <concise, poetic definition>

A lot of what we give you in our products was forgotten triumphs from history. These are preparations that were crucial — from saving lives on the battle field, to the beauty treatments of ancient empresses and queens — and the top medicine of the of courts themselves.

You would be right to wonder — why aren’t these techniques ubiquitous today among the wealthy and powerful? A lot was forgotten in the process of industrialization. And these techniques require a skillful operator working in small batches. It’s also forgotten that it was forgotten. Today we are living in a fog, which is part of the work of REA to bring us out of that fog. There are also a lot of drugs and compounds that are used because they are partially effective or highly convenient for profitability at industrial scale. (link to our guide to avoiding common toxins in mainstream skincare).

Nothing has changed the fact that Nature in all its diversity and intelligence is the source of all medicine. And while modern chemistry has very effectively id’d efective compounds and provided for synthesizing them, it doesn’t change the fact that the compounds produced in Nature by Nature is the primal pharmacopia, the source of all medicine. Also, present in nature are combinations of things, compounds that are synergistic. Like caffeine is better with altheinine, which is present in untreated tea leaves. It’s better to take them together.

How did alchemy lead to the creation of the skincare balms we create? 

What do you seek? 

  • find concoctions that can help heal you: skincare rituals (for estheticians), skincare healing guide, use in internal medicine (for naturopaths)
  • wonder at the ancient knowledge itself: see, the brief Realea guide to our ancient source texts.