Reusable / Refillable

REÅLEA is setting a new standard for beautiful, functional and sustainable cosmetics packaging. We make our packaging so special that of course it shouldn't end up in the landfill, but also even not to send for recycling (which itself has a significant carbon footprint). Rather, by the time we launch open market sales we'll provide a refill program for a free product or store credit upon returning 4 used containers. If you return 16 at once, you will receive a piece of alchemical jewelry! We will use a commercial dish washer at our facility warehouse to sanitize the returned jars and bottles before refilling. We use durable ceramic labels with 18 carat gold ink. As alchemists, we respect gold - the incorruptible metal - and we want to motivate our customers to find ways to reuse their containers. Gold possesses the unique property of being so extraordinarily malleable that the gold leaf used on the label is a mere fraction of a micron thick. 

We use a type of German engineered glass that passively acts as a preservative for living essences (of which we have many) in natural products. Its violet purple color protects the biophotonic energy of products stored within the glass. Violet glass is the only glass known which offers this important protection, assuring that smell, color, bioenergy and our products' other vital properties remain preserved longer. Violet glass’ unique characteristics filter out these more damaging rays of the visible light spectrum and allow portions of the UVA and infrared light waves in, keeping the products inside fresher for a longer period of time.

The appreciation of the special protective qualities of violet glass can be traced back to ancient Egyptian culture. In those times, valuable essences (oils) and natural healing products were kept either in gold or in violet glass vessels. Violet glass appears black in most lights.

Biophotons are the light emitted by living tissue. 'Bio' in Greek means life and 'photon' means light. According to biophotonic research, measuring the biophotonic output of a food or supplement is a more accurate measurement of quality and life essence. Our bodies absorb photons from sunlight through the eyes, skin and also through sunlight enriched nutrition. As natural products absorb solar energy, the increased level of photons is a great indication of the products’ vitality and quality.

Violet glass also acts as a barrier, preventing the loss of biophotons from the product stored within, making preservatives less necessary. Tests have shown that products stored in violet glass keep their distinctive qualities for extended periods of time, sometimes even for years. The sooner a product is consumed all the better, but it will still have benefited from the energetic enhancing properties of the violet glass.

Just as a magnet emits energy which – in a split second – organizes needles to face the same direction, so the bioenergy of products in violet glass appear to be ordered in a more coherent and powerful way. People who are sensitive to energy can often detect with their eyes closed whether a jar is violet glass or some other type of glass. They say they feel the higher frequency of violet glass.

While all colors create their own emotions and vibrations, violet purple creates a positive feeling of peace, harmony and well-being, as well as wisdom and creativity. In color therapy, violet is the color of the crown chakra, and connotes wisdom, honor and hope. Austrian mystic Jakob Lorber, as well as other mystics – among them the American healer Edgar Casey – have noted the special properties of the color violet. Further, according to Eastern traditions, the color violet represents the harmony of the universe as it is a combination of red and blue (Yin and Yang). Yang is solar energy, outgoing and free, while Yin is incoming, stored energy and matter. Yin and Yang in opposition create a vortex of energy flow. The color violet – being Yin and Yang - creates a similar vortex of energy, providing a balance of matter and free energy, order and chaos.

Please share your experiences / ideas to educate and inspire others on how you reuse your REÅLEA containers! #reuserealea