Beauty Trio

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The REÅLEA SKINCARE Beauty Companion Trio:

The combination of these three products will help you achieve your highest beauty goals. Eliminating fine lines on the face as well as relieving wrinkles and bags around the eyes. No additional face, eye creams or serums should be needed. Applying an additional face cleanser, morning and night, is recommended though.

Aurora, "Dawn" a beauty and healing balm. Ingredients: Sal seed butter, egg yolk oil, sea buckthorn oil, tamanu seed oil, beeswax, beeswax esters, vitamin e oil, rose floral wax, jojoba seed oil, egyptian calendula extract, bulgarian rose oil & extract, omani frankincense oil, somalian myrrh oil, sea buckthorn extract, zinc bhasma, egyptian geranium oil, balsam of peru oil, royal hawaiian sandalwood oil, oil of gold, rosemary extract, new zealand wild manuka plant oil, japanese yuzu oil.

Astrum, "Star" a beauty oil for radiant skin and hair. Ingredients: Watermelon seed oil, prickly pear cactus seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, egg yolk oil, olive-derived squalane, carrot seed oil, rosehip oil & extract, egyptian jasmine oil & extract, turkish rose oil, new caledonian sandalwood oil, somalian myrrh oil, croatian helichrysum flower oil, indian champaca flower oil, rosemary extract, egyptian geranium oil, moroccan atlas cedarwood oil, himalayan fossilized amber oil, oil of gold

Imber, "Rain Shower" a refreshing face mist to tonify the skin and uplift spirits. Ingredients: Hydrosols of lemon balm, neroli, frankincense and myrrh, with colloidal silver and oil of gold.

Recommended Use:

In the evening or morning after using your favorite gentle cleanser (a REÅLEA cleanser is coming soon!), spritz your face and neck liberally with Imber and allow a few moments for the mist settle and begin interacting with your skin. Apply 5-10 drops of Astrum to the palm of your hand and use your fingertips to gently and evenly massage the serum around your eyes and across your face. Take a restful moment to let the Astrum absorb into your skin, and then finish the ritual by scooping a pea-sized portion of Aurora onto your fingertip and gently massage into your whole face and neck. 

Set: 1 moisturizer, 1 serum, 1 toner. $28 savings for buying our beauty focused products together.

All come in top quality violet glass with permanent 18 karat gold ceramic labels. Return to us via free mailer any 5 at one time to receive $50 store credit plus $10 store credit for every $100 you spend (starting January 1, 2022).